Leading the industry, currently providing CDSS™ Systems in over 1700 aircraft.
FAA/LBA Certified
Global AirWorks CDSS is FAA/LBA certified and is fully compliant with cabin security requirements under Title 14CFR Part 25 Aircraft, and under FAA Memorandum 01-111-196 utilizing a flight deck mounted touch screen video monitor and multiple cameras.
Standard Digital CDSS™ System Features
• Certified with FAA & LBA approvals
• Robust high quality design and engineered for reliability
• Forward viewing 6.4′ or 5′ flight deck monitors with full tough screen control
• Intuitive crew controls for pilot and co-pilot systems operation
• Covert cabin crew/flight crew communications ("Cabin Ready/Cabin Secure")
• Rapidly upgradeable firmware
• Readily expandable IP Hardware
• Upgradeable to electronic flight bag feature
• Three year warranty
• Overnight installation to ensure no lost revenue flight time
Optional Digital CDSS™ Features
• Up to 16 cameras (Cargo, nose gear, etc.) concealed or unconcealed.
• Separate remote controls panel with 8.4′ LCD Monitor
• Dual system controllers for system redundancy
• Third external monitor connection (Security Surveillance)
• Six alert key line ports for future system expansion
• Data recording device interface
• Computer interface (Electronic Flight Bag, MX docs, etx.)
• Download service port for software upgrades
• Overnight installation to ensure no lost revenue flight time