General Data, Feature and Applications

Global AirWorks uses the highest quality of material, components and processes in manufacturing electro-mechanical linear actuators too ensure the highest quality, dependability and longevity

Global AirWorks utilizes its experience form the field to build in the "what-ifs" and pre-determining causes for failure. This same experience is utilized for determining ease of installation, maintenance and repair capability.

Global AirWorks designs products to work and not be worked on. However, the ability to readily repair and remove and install is part of every pre-planning exercise.

Standard Features
Rugged and lightweight, durable, non-corrosive
Black anodized on all aluminum parts
Stainless steel hardware
Anodized aluminum translating tube
Modular design allows quick and easy disassembly and re-assembly
100% duty cycle gearing
Motors and controls are of the highest quality