Global AirWorks filled a void in the aviation industry by pioneering a new approach to aircraft modifications and installation - the overnight installation, which eliminated taking the aircraft out of service.

Aircraft interior modifications are performed by self contained installation team who complete the modifications at the aircraft, wherever it is located, at the gate or the ramp, domestic or international.

The Global AirWorks install team with worldwide mobility, to date, have successfully accomplished the following installation programs

Terrestrial and satellite passenger phone systems
Phone system removal
Passenger seat and interior upgrades
Seat harness assemblies
Seat Actuators
IFE System: in seat video, in-seat audio, signature series monitors
Overhead Bin Extenxion System
Noise reduction modifications
Smoke Detection and Fire Suppression systems
Avionics upgrades of cockpits and systems
Laptop power system
Data transfer - SELCAL, ACARS, Satellite
TCAS / Wind shear Mode S
Cockpit Door Surveillance System
Electronic Flight Bag
Homeland security law enforcement system